Airport Services

Akron-Canton Regional Airport offers a wide variety of amenities that make the journey much more pleasurable and accessible for everyone. The best is free wifi that can be reached everywhere, and there is no need to search for special corners at CAK. Furthermore, power outlets let travelers switch their laptops anywhere, throughout the seating area.

Entertainment Service

Also, not only adults can enjoy their trip, but so do kids too, as there is a big playing area, where toddlers and children can play, run, skip, and slide as well. The airport offers individual nursing rooms for mothers as well, with a private sitting room and comfortable rocking chair.

Another type of relaxation is massage leather chairs, while a passenger is waiting for his/ her flight.

Business Center

The airport service list is quite long, and it includes the Business Center too. For those travelers who are waiting for their flight and need to work in peace and even use printers or rehearse presentations, this is the best choice.

Pet Relief Area

Akron - Canton Regional airport has a special area for pets, which is located in front of the terminal. The owners of bicycles will find the assembly site CAK's baggage claim area, which gives them the possibility to repair their bikes, assemble/disassemble them without any additional cost.


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