The U.S. Customs and Border Protection program

Akron - Canton regional airport is among the list of airports that is pleased to announce the temporary Global Entry enrollment event since February 2019. The benefits of this program include saving time, no paperwork, reduced waiting time for TSA PreCheck. The seven, out of eleven CAK’s nonstop destinations, offer Global Entry Kiosks.

Follow up activities upon Arrival

Passengers should take into consideration that they must be pre-approved in advance, to the enrollment interview at Akron - Canton Airport. Several steps must be completed to create a Trusted Traveler Program (TTP) account. As soon as the applicant creates his/ her account, s/he must log in and complete the application with paying the sum of $100, which is a non - refundable fee. After these steps, the CBP will review the form. Also, applicants are required to complete their registration online, as they can not do it by phone, at the airport.

Valid documents

As soon as travelers arrive, who are the members of the Global Entry program, they should reach Global Entry Kiosks, where they have to take with them a valid machine-readable passport or U.S permanent resident card. Afterward, they are required to place fingerprints on special scanners to make fingerprint verification and complete the procedure. As soon as they receive a transaction receipt, they are allowed to go to the baggage claim or exit.


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