TSA Security Screening

TSA security screening is the best way to make the departure as smooth as possible. There are follow up activities that should be fulfilled, in advance, to make this process faster. For example, passengers have to take into consideration that all liquids must be 3.4 ounces (100ml) or in smaller containers. Also, there are strict rules regarding the type of handbag. Travelers are not allowed to take fold-over sandwich bags, which are not zip-top. They should put their bags in particular bins or on the conveyor belt for X-ray screening, to make this process easy for TSA security officers to check the property quickly.

Measures that passengers should take into account

Passengers should take into consideration that medications, baby formula, breast milk, and food must be in reasonable quantities, they can exceed three ounces as well, and it is not obligatory to put them in zipping - Top bag.

Furthermore, it is recommended to come earlier and to be patient while going through several procedures. TSA security workers try their best to reduce peak traffic and help travelers to complete all sections on time.

TSA rules for children

Parents should keep patience while traveling with children. There are some procedures that they should do to complete TSA security screening successfully. First of all, all items such as strollers, baby carriers, booster seats, toys, and blankets must be screened by X-ray.

Their parents or guardians should carry infants and small children who can not walk through metal detectors independently.

TSA Cares

Akron - Canton Regional Airport tries its best to help all travelers receive the appropriate information and be ready for each procedure. That’s why TSA set up a TSA Cares Helpline, which is for last-minute passengers who have additional questions about security screening, or medical device screening, or regarding the people with disabilities. They can be reached: 1-855-787-2227.


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