Passengers can use four types of parking lots at Akron - Canton Regional airport. All of them are handicap accessible.

Cell Phone Waiting Lot

The free waiting lot area is for those people who are waiting to pick up passengers. It is located near the terminal building, and there is no charge for it.

Short-Term Parking Lot

The short - term parking lot is the nearest, which is located in front of the CAK terminal. There are different rates that travelers should pay, depending on whether they leave their cars hourly or daily. For instance, per hour costs - $2.00 and per day - $16.00.

Covered Short-Term Parking Lot

The covered short - term parking lot is a good option as it provides a covered walkway as well. But travelers must take into account that this kind of parking is more expensive than others. The hourly rate is the same ($2.00) as a short - term parking lot, but regarding the daily price, it is - $19.00.

There are also Long-Term Parking Lots “A” and “B,” which are located a bit further than short - term parking lots and are for those cases when travelers need to leave their cars more than two days. The hourly rate is - $3.00 and the daily one - $12. 00.


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