Akron-Canton Regional airport was expanded in 2006, and the renovated terminal includes a new wing of the main concourse. As a result, the number of gates, which was nine, was increased to 11. Also, a new baggage area and food court were added to the modern interior, which looks much more aesthetic than before.

After one session of expansion, another took place in Akron - Canton Regional Airport, in 2011. Subsequently, the TSA screening area was expanded, and it has four lanes of screening now and also has the opportunity to open two more.

Akron-Canton airport announces to open new gates, for customer enjoyment upon the end of 2020. This $34 million project should be fulfilled in three steps: the first phase is already completed, and a 22900 square aircraft parking apron was constructed. The second session is in progress and includes building new gates. It will be a two-level concourse on 41600 square feet. The last, third phase implies the destruction of the old gate complex.


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